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aaand that’s it

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I don’t paint, I RENDER.


I don’t paint, I RENDER.

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celadonlonghorn said: is your boyfriend good with tumblr coding because i have been trying to add working tags to my theme for AGES but as you can see my attempt is terribly cobbled together and doesn't work properly. i can't find any resources on how to add tags to tumblr themes so is it okay if i ask for help ;w;


both my partners are better at this than i am! he could help you far more than i can and ocean even more so but im gonna throw some warns at u:

  • he worked on my theme for hours and just finished a few minutes ago
  • after being sick two days
  • none of us have EVER made a tumblr theme from scratch. maybe ocean actually. maybe. maybe a small one? but none of us do this on the regular that’s for sure.
  • we all just started school
  • he goes to school for coding bullshit (java)
  • "let’s see if I can make heads or tails out of this shit. probably not because undescriptive code is like staring into the heart of the universe. because your brain is literally trying to figure out another brain’s logic processes”

you’re totally free to ask him!! you should probably ask him directly, he likes that. but i absolutely cannot give you any promise that he’ll do this at all for you. all i can guarantee is definitely not tonight ahaha

hey dako u might be popular now im sorry

also sorry to you cause it sounds like i threw like a dozen excuses at you ahaha im sorry i didnt mean it like that. hope its ok i publish this publicly in case more people are gonna ask :S

aw no it’s okay!! it’s all right if they’ve both got a lot on their plate as it is. i’ll keep looking but if i’ve scoured literally everywhere and can’t figure it out then i’ll come back. thank you though!!

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hey sorry for making another sideblog to say this, and also sorry to be too much of a fuckin coward to say it face to face, idk how else to get around the blocks though but

i admit i fucked up okay?? i fucked up, really bad, and i know that what i did was 100% objectively wrong…

this isn’t like a plea for forgiveness or anything, i don’t expect you to forgive me and thats not what im posting for. i just wanted to say it, i just needed to know you’d hear it, i just wanted to let you know that i fucked up and i know it

this doesn’t sound like micah so i’m just going to trust you that you’re narnik, okay?

i did block you. i blocked your normal blog, that one side blog, your old fr blog, and i even dug through everything to block your new fr blog as well.

i’m not going to unblock them, but i’m not going to scream at you for doing this or anything. you’re trying to apologize. i appreciate that. i just don’t know if you’re still on micah’s side so i’m pretty wary, okay? he’s still on your friends list on fr, i know that. i just checked.

that’s none of my business though. i just don’t know if you mean this or not.

everyone else ignore this please,
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first mini done in a while !
luunai’s munin


first mini done in a while !

luunai’s munin

not-subtle hint to follow my fr blog hey, flight rising,

Anonymous said: So that little drawn comic of yours hit one million notes. Congrats.

fun fact: that comic is about someone that was super abusive to me so i hate that it got popular

but at least when i see it now i can think of someone else who makes me feel that wonderful

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this is my rock. i am very protective of it, tauros talks, skyrim,

this guy was sitting backwards on his word wall. what a dork

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more than anything i want this year’s festival familiars to just be


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the situation is just something so foreign and detached to me i just don't know how to react,